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Category: STATE BASKETS (36 records) CLOSED - JNHE State Basket Silent Auction - July 18th-21st, 2017 Horse race style closing for this auction. Stated closing time is 10:00 AM CST

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A at.jpgFootnote: New in 2017, we are excited to announce an online bidding component to the state basket silent auction. We are extending the bidding opportunity to Hereford enthusiasts and viewers from across the country to show their support of the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) and individual state Hereford Associations. There are many unique and outstanding items for purchase and you won’t want to miss out on the bidding fun this week as we showcase 32 special lots that showcase all of the different states that are here competing at the 2017 Junior National Here ford Expo and will be showcasing the state baskets online through lowdermanauctionoptions.com. The baskets are live for bidding in Louisville through the silent auction bidder sheets on the table as well as online at lowdermanauctionoptions.com for those not able to be here. On Friday at 10 a.m., the live bidding will close and the sheets will be pulled from the tables. At that time, it will be turned over to an online horse race style closing starting at 10 a.m. as well. NJHA staff will update all bids on a regular basis and will account for each bid in Louisville or online until we move over to the online closing at 10 a.m. Please contact acowan@hereford.org, Lowderman Livestock Options staff or any JNHE Ambassador or NJHA board member if you have questions or would like to place a bid.
1 3433 550.00   ended
1 1t.jpgItem: Firepit
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: Custom made fire pit with design of your choice. Made in Texas.
22 3428 900.00   ended
2 2t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Virginia
Footnote: Hand painted sign, Virginia ball cap, Civil War Trail book, Hereford puzzle, apple butter, black berry jelly, country cured ham, potato chips, Virginia peanuts.
2 3407 80.00   ended
3 3t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Michigan
Footnote: Forty inch Element smart television, blueberries, half-gallon maple syrup, cookbook, and Rapid River Knifeworks.
5 3416 450.00   ended


4t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Colorado
Footnote: Fire ring, rocking horse, chair, jacket, basket, salsa, whiskey, s’more pack, hot dog roasting sticks, flashlights, water bottles, Peyton Manning Fathead, and tea.
3 3407 160.00   ended
5 5t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Indiana
Footnote: Wooden Hereford painted table, Hereford painted pallet table, magazine holder, black and white medium size bag, Hereford spatula, seasoning, barbeque sauce, small bag packet, grilling and cooking items, and barn wood mirror.
2 3407 410.00   ended
6 6t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Iowa
Footnote: “Pampered Show Mom”- Hereford picture, Sentsy, jewelry, Starbucks cup, and Hereford key chain.
3 3414 200.00   ended
7 7t.jpgItem: Basket
Donated By: National Hereford Women
Footnote: Yellow box, mirror, rubber boots, welcome sign, Hereford calf image, kitchen sign, drinking glass, basket, “home” wooden sign, and Hank books
3 3424 340.00   ended
8 8t.jpgItem: Basket
Donated By: National Hereford Queen
Footnote: Wooden wagon, Red Shed lights, 4 Tumbler cups, Hereford bag, kitchen towels, and heat pads.
2 3433 350.00   ended
9 9t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Nebraska
Footnote: Red wagon, welcome sign, flower cross, cooking seasonings and dressings, books, and whiskey
1 3407 190.00   ended
10 10t.jpgItem: Basket
Donated By: Showtimes
Footnote: Showtimes Hereford Bull picture, Denver 2017 banner, and two Showtimes chairs.
8 2524 360.00   ended
11 11t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: “The Overseer’s” Painting
2 2874 170.00   ended
12 12t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: "The Chow Line" Painting
4 3426 265.00   ended
13 13t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: Hereford Autumn” Painting
3 3407 230.00   ended
14 14t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: “Winter Haven” Painting
1 3407 150.00   ended
15 15t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Missouri
Footnote: Missouri made products (spices, sauces and wine), quilt, basket, wooden signs, and pillow.
2 3407 175.00   ended
16 16t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Texas
Footnote: Texas wine glasses, lemonade, water bottle, “Southern State of Mind” wooden sign, “Hereford Traditions” sign, “BBQ” sign, light-up JNHE radio, Texas vodka, body milk, Texas cooking supplies, and tea set.
11 2514 1,600.00   ended
17 17t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Oklahoma
Footnote: Full size Hereford hide, metal cutout Hereford, Hereford steer canvas, and home and kitchen goods.
8 1631 800.00   ended
18 18t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: New England
Footnote: Maple Leaf Gaufrier, New England snacks (kettle corn, chips, various jams, and seasonings), Yankee Candles, tool box, Hereford picture, cup, UCONN gear, and Boston gear.
3 3416 310.00   ended
19 19t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Kentucky
Footnote: Peanut butter, jelly, country ham, Hereford painting, Woodford Reserve, and Kentucky honey and popcorn.
4 3234 350.00   ended
20 20t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: South Dakota
Footnote: Winner cup coolers, t-shirts, popcorn, sunflower seeds, wreath, shot glasses, coffee cup, and “Dust Off n’ Get Up” sign.
2 3407 110.00   ended
21 21t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: North Carolina
Footnote: Cedar table, Pilot Mountain painting, Muscadine Wine, and Hereford cake pan.
3 3432 460.00   ended
22 22t.jpgItem: Basket
Donated By: AgriLabs
Footnote: VetGun, 120 AiM-L VetCaps, 120 AiM-A VetCaps, CO2, VetGun carry case, VetCap carry case, cooler, flashlight, thermos, 6 bag chairs, 2 tumbler cups, Baxter Black DVD, afghan blanket.
2 3407 650.00   ended
23 22t.jpgItem: Basket
Donated By: AgriLabs
Footnote: VetGun, 120 AiM-L VetCaps, 120 AiM-A VetCaps, CO2, VetGun carry case, VetCap carry case, cooler, flashlight, thermos, 6 bag chairs, 2 tumbler cups, Baxter Black DVD, afghan blanket.
5 3416 620.00   ended
24 24t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Mississippi
Footnote: Eatyall Rubs and Sauce, Henry Goldenboy Rifle, ice bin, 20 quart ice chest, Montana Silversmith turquoise necklace, Brett Farve football autographed.
3 1012 850.00   ended
25 25t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Wisconsin
Footnote: Deluxe Popcorn Popper, forty-inch television, Blue-Ray player, popcorn and snacks, and movies.
8 3416 610.00   ended
26 26t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Georgia
Footnote: Ladder Back Chair, spices, candle, and wine.
3 3407 150.00   ended
27 27t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: New York
Footnote: New York Farmer Market Basket- maple syrup, honey, oatmeal, and jams.
2 3407 80.00   ended
28 28t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: West Virginia
Footnote: “Garden Basket” – Hereford Planter Box, garden flags, hose basket and wreath, rose bush, and various garden items.
3 3423 320.00   ended
29 29t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Minnesota
Footnote: 120 quart cooler filled with Minnesota items. Wine basket, beach basket with MN beer, Birchwood canoe with MN grown wild rice along with tent to re-box in.
2 3407 220.00   ended


30t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Maryland
Footnote: Hereford painted box containing jelly, pillow, stocking caps, tin containers, Hereford paintings, jewelry, candles, lamp, snacks, sauces, wines, grilling supply’s, Hereford sled, Hereford stools, “Showing for the Roses” cornhole game.
7 3419 3,600.00   ended
31 31t.jpgItem: State Basket
Donated By: Illinois
Footnote: Gorilla Carts wagon, crockpot, George Foreman electric grill, Hereford basket, Burrus Hybrids butter microwave, DeWalt battery powered grease gun, other small kitchen supplies.
3 3416 610.00   ended
32 32t.jpgItem: Backdrop
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: Here is your chance to purchase the backdrop from the 2017 JNHE!
24 3419 710.00   ended
33 33t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: "Dampened Enthusiasm" -Jack Sorenson
34 34t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: "Five Cold Miles From Coffee" -Jack Sorenson
35 35t.jpgItem: Painting
Donated By: NJHA
Footnote: "Spring Light" -Jon Rey

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