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CLOSED - JNHE State Basket Silent Auction
Date & Time: July 18th-21st, 2017 Horse race style closing for this auction. Stated closing time is 10:00 AM CST
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Sale opens for bidding at 8:00 AM CST.

This sale features a horse race style closing format. Stated ending time is 7:00 PM CST with extended bidding to follow until there has been no bidding for 5 minutes. All lots close simultaneously with the horse race style closing.

With this format, extended bidding means that the sale will not close until there has been 5 minutes of inactivity. When a bid is placed during the inactivity period, the auction is extended for 5 minutes. The auction will not close until there has been no bidding for 5 minutes on any lot.

Example: Stated ending time is 7:00 PM. A bid is placed at 6:59 PM. Auction is extended for 5 minutes. No more bidding occurs and the auction closes at 7:04 PM.

Stated auction closing time:
5:00 PM PT
6:00 PM MT
7:00 PM CST
8:00 PM ET

Terms: By registration and by bidding you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the auction and are stating that you are at least 18 years of age and able to enter into a binding agreement. All information provided by the seller and 3rd parties is deemed to be accurate, correct and from trusted sources. By bidding you are stating that you have inspected the animal / item or waive your right to inspect, and agree that you as a bidder / buyer have done your due diligence. Once declared a buyer, the high bidder has entered into a legal and binding purchase agreement.

Unless otherwise stated, all lots sell subject to the sellers acceptance / reserve price established prior to the sale by the seller. When a lot is sold with a "reserve" price, Lowderman Auction Options may bid on sellers behalf, but not in excess of the "reserve" price. Lowderman Auction Options reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. Once the auction is declared closed, all animals become the responsibility and property of the buyer.

All bidding is in U.S. dollars. Forms of payment accepted are: Business, Personal or Cashiers check.

Payment in full is expected immediately after the sale and prior to the transfer / exchange of any animal / item. We must receive payment in full within 7 days of the auction, unless different arrangements have been made prior to the sale and prior to bidding. Any late payments and / or returned checks will be assessed a $50.00 fee. All unpaid purchases, after 7 days will be subject to an interest charge of 1 1/2% per month.

Make check payable to: Lowderman Auction Options

Mail payments to:

Lowderman Auction Company / Lowderman Auction Options
P.O. Box 488
Macomb, Illinois. 61455

Failure to pay will result in legal action.

An email invoice will be sent immediately to each buyer, following the conclusion and closing of the sale, if you do not receive an invoice within 24 hrs following the closing of the sale, we kindly request that you contact our office or sale representative.

Delivery / Trucking:
Delivery and / or trucking is the responsibility of the buyer and is arranged by the buyer and the seller. Lowderman Auction Options is not responsible for the delivery of the animal / item.

Registration / Transfer:
The seller will furnish registration papers, for those animals that are registrable, and / or transfer the registration ownership to the new owner, only upon final payment, at the sellers expense.

Health papers:
On live animal lots, upon request, health papers will be provided to the buyer. However it is the buyers responsibility to know their respective state health requirements in advance of the auction and prior to bidding. Any special tests needed by the buyer will be the responsibility of the buyer.

There are no bid retractions, all sales are final upon closing of the sale. Bidding is not contingent upon financing. If buyer defaults by non-payment, legal action will be taken, and the buyer will be held responsible for all related expenses for such action. In case of an animal / item being resold, the buyer will be held accountable; And and all losses occurred, will be the responsibility of the buyer in default.

By bidding you agree with the terms and conditions of the sale. All auctions are conducted with no contingencies. If you are identified as a high bidder / buyer, you have entered into a legal binding agreement / contract between you (The Buyer) and the Seller. Lowderman Auction Options, it's staff, employees, and independent contractors, all act as an agent only, between the seller and the buyer; and has no respondsibility financially or otherwise. All warrenties expressed or implied are between buyer and seller. We, Lowderman Auction Options, assumes all information provided by the seller and 3rd parties to be deemed accurate, from trusted sources, but do not guarantee. Lowderman Auction Options does not guarantee the age, pedigree, or reproductive status on all animals selling. Lowderman Auction Options can not be held responsible for the health or condition of the animals / items after the conclusion of the auction. Lowderman Auction Options, it's staff, employees and independent contractors are not responsible for accidents, errors or omissions. We suggest that if you have an issue(s) with the terms and conditions, please do not bid, as they are final upon you becoming a high bidder.

Contact: Lowderman Auction Options
PO Box 488
Macomb IL 61455
Phone: 3092550110
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